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 Homemade Donuts

Donut make a mistake. These homemade donuts are da bomb, but the mess isn’t! Clean up is easy with Krud Kutter, though. Just spray it, leave it and wipe it.                  

 Lettuce Wraps

Have you quit the carbs? These homemade lettuce wraps are a delicious alternative to bread. Make them in your kitchen and clean up afterwards with Krud Kutter.       

 Blueberry Bunny Pancakes

Put a little twist on blueberry pancakes and make them in the shape of bunnies for your next breakfast at home. Krud Kutter makes cleanup easy once you’ve served them to your family.

 Chocolate Drizzled Baked Pears

This homemade dessert looks like you’ve slaved in the kitchen, but this recipe is a cinch and cleanup is even easier with Krud Kutter.    

 Peachy Keen Pie

Know how to make the perfect peach pie with this easy recipe. When you’re armed with Krud Kutter, cleanup after creating your masterpiece is a cinch!

 Celery Ginger Green Juice

Behind the latest wellness trend is a great big mess! Let’s celery-brate another great messipe with our Celery Ginger Green Juice. The clean  up will be quick and easy with Krud Kutter.         

 BBQ Pizza

Whether you’re paleo, grain-free, gluten-free, or doing the Whole30 program, this baked Sweet Potato Crust BBQ Chicken Pizza Messipe is for you! The recipe is worth the mess, especially when you use Krud Kutter for quick and easy clean up.         

 Fruit Smoothie Protein Pops

All the goodness of a smoothie with all the fun of a pops treat! This summer messipe is quick and the cleanup is easy with Krud Kutter. Get ready to chill out with some Fruit Smoothie Protein Pops!
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